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Welcome back to The Broiler Room and what a fucking week it’s been. 

First, when we sent last week’s email we had no idea how many of y’all were still out there. It’s been almost six years since we last reached out but holy hell did you guys come through. We can’t put into words how much it meant seeing so many of you subscribe to the newsletter; we promise not to disappoint. Secondly, so many of you guys preordered Brave New Meal that  our publisher emailed us over the weekend. Terrifying to see on a Sunday but luckily it was for the best kind of news. Thanks to everyone who preordered and DON’T FORGET to download your copy Vice House for free as our gift to you. Vice House will disappear on Nov 9th when Brave New Meal is released so if you haven’t preordered yet, DO.THAT.SHIT.NOW.


If you’re not sure wtf we’re talking about, Vice House is our ode to classic Texas icehouse food with 15 brand new recipes and 30+ pages of exclusive content. These aren’t just some recipes from the cutting room floor of Brave New Meal. Fuck no. We built Vice House from scratch and we know you’re gonna love it. Just trying to amuse your bouches, you know?

We got Hominy Hush Puppies, Chicken Fried Hen of the Woods, Cowboy Cookies, and so much more. If you already preordered our new book, just visit, fill out the form near the bottom, and the link to download will pop right up. It doesn’t matter WHERE OR WHEN you bought it. Everyone, including y’all motherforkers outside the US, can get Vice House RIGHT NOW. But on November 9th that link will get pulled down. We still have people asking for copies of our Blazing Kettles camping ‘zine but once it’s gone, it’s gone.


Since we love all y’all here in The Broiler Room, we said fuck it and wanted to share our favorite Vice House recipes as an extra special thanks just for opening our silly lil email. And it’s a killer. 

Our Dr Pepper Jackfruit is our take on a classic Texas BBQ staple and one of the most addictive sandwiches we’ve ever dreamed up. Smoky and sweet, this certified banger is gonna be a party staple for the foreseeable future. But don’t take our word for it, here ya go. You might need an extra napkin or six.

If that’s not enough for you, we’ve got a brand new recipe for coffee cardamom rolls with walnuts up on the site now. And on our weekly podcast Forked Up, also available on Youtube, we explore the end of corporate drug testing, black market whiskey, and what carbon dioxide has to do with the UK food shortages. Matt ponders the nightmarish anatomy of mermaids while Michelle scores some ivermectin (no, not for that).

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In next week’s edition, we’re gonna get back to our regularly scheduled programming. For paid subscribers,  you’ll get a brand new recipe delivered right to your inbox. We’ve been working on a RIDICULOUS fall dumpling full of roasted pumpkin, sage, and all kinds of good shit that you’ll wanna taste ASAP.

For regular subscribers, we’ll have an edition full of behind-the-scenes book shots and a play-by-play on how to make your favorite boxed rice and pasta sides from scratch that will save you money, time, and taste way a helluva lot better than that instant shit.

Thanks again for joining us here in The Broiler Room. We’re a two-person business, so every single ounce of support goes a long, long way.  If you like what you see, think about joining our paid subscribers or telling a friend. 

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Stay safe, keep cooking, and we’ll talk to y’all next week.

Michelle and Matt