Shifting into Soup Mode

Go get your biggest spoon, we got a lot this week

Fall has rolled in and so has baking season. It’s like someone flipped a fucking switch on the internet because suddenly every feed is filled with pumpkins, soup, and baking dish meals which apparently society refuses to call casseroles anymore. We even threw our hat in the autumnal ring with some Coffee Cardamom Rolls with Walnuts

But there’s something else just out of our line of sight that is already getting under our fucking skin.

There’s been a deluge of articles, reels, clips, all about losing that “quarantine 15” you put on when you were holed up at home freaking the fuck out. You’d think that finding a little solace in nourishing your body while the whole world was on fire was some kind of sin. Now as the weather cools down and we all start craving our comfort foods the articles have started again- “Enjoy the holidays… but not too much”- and we’re already fucking exhausted. Yes, moderation is good. And sure, it’s not a party if we do it every day but damn, just let us live. These last couple of years have spared no one in their cruelty, so if you want to enjoy an extra scoop of stuffing without flagellating yourself at the steps of your gym, you absolutely have our permission.

Don’t ever expect us to write a diet book because we’ll never support that kind of abusive relationship with food. Your plate should be a safe space where you feel good about the nourishment you’re about to receive and you’re excited as hell for the taste. Cooking for yourself is hard enough without all that baggage. Don’t overthink it; just eat real, nutrient dense meals and move your body as often as possible. Ignore the assholes trying to make you feel like garbage if you put on a lil bit of a winter bod. It’s gonna get cold soon and you’re saving on your heating bill.

Another way to stay warm as the days get darker is with our new soup recipe up on the site: Five Spice Delicata Noodle Soup.

All you need is a baking sheet and one pot and you’ll have this meal ready in less than an hour. Honestly, most of the time is just waiting for the delicata squash to roast so you’ll have plenty of time while you cook to doomscoll on IG or whatever ADD behavior you’re into. Plus, you don’t have to peel delicata because the skin gets super tender when it cooks. Reject expensive lattes and embrace low maintenance gourds; they’re the secret to an ideal autumn.

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This week on our weekly podcast Forked Up, also available on YouTube, we discuss headstone hijinks, food court freedoms, and bisexual senators, alive and dead. Matt welcomes a haunting while Michelle breaks down bay leaves.

This week is also a great week to consider becoming a paid subscriber and support The Broiler Room because we have a brand-new recipe that we’re sending out just for them, Winter Squash and Sage Dumplings. 

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We’ll talk to y’all next week but until then, stay hungry and keep cooking.

Michelle and Matt