Aug 21, 2023Liked by Michelle Albanes-Davis

Ramen... I still love the little dried up squares, but now I seek out the fresh noodles from the Asian grocery and fill my bowl with all the lovey veggies, take the time to make a spicy flavorful broth, and I even have the fancy bowls and spoons to serve. I could eat it everyday 🍜

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Aug 20, 2023Liked by Michelle Albanes-Davis

“Chicken” salad sandwiches. There used to be a restaurant in Salt Lake called Park Ivy, one of the few places in the byedy bye time that had a vegan grocery store with a little cafe attached. They eventually went out of business, but sold a small recipe book of their cafe recipes. One was their chicken salad and I’ve altered over the years or had to full on change the “chicken”, no more wheat meat, etc., but anytime I make it gives me a nostalgic feeling for the good ol’ days.

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