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Back again. I've got the Bragg's and the nooch. Now I think I'm ready for the ume plum vinegar and the citric acid. Buying online, of course. Along with the ground sumac.. Definitely not going to find any of that stuff around here.

Citric acid ... the one-pound jar Food-Grade Flavor Enhancer, Household Cleaner & Natural Preservative for Cooking, Baking, Bath Bombs for $12 or the 50-pound bucket for $189? 🤔


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Now that I've acquired the ume plum vinegar, maybe could y'all share a recipe that uses it? Even just a footnote: "If you've followed instructions and have a bottle of ume plum vinegar in your kitchen, this is a great place to use it." A little specific direction might encourage me to actually open the bottle! Thanks, and thanks for doing what you do!

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You know what shit tastes good and have never steered me wrong so I just ordered some ume plum vinegar

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That leaving out the secret ingredient thing just pisses me the F off. “It’s an iconic move.” It’s a shitty move. I look at it as a power play by the exceedingly selfish one who does it and they can go suck rotten eggs for eternity when they finally leave this mortal coil.

F them.

That’s why I write stuff down. If I hit on a really good thing, I take notes. I weigh stuff. I take more notes. I re-write recipes.

But above all – WRITE IT DOWN. Mom’s cole slaw and baked beans are gone forever because she didn’t write it down. Her potato salad, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti sauce, turkey soup, bean soup. I wish I had those recipes. It makes me both sad and mad. Sad because they’re just … gone. Sad because they can’t be duplicated and I can’t ever have them again. Mad because she didn’t write them down and mad at myself because back then I didn’t care enough to bother. Maybe I liked them so well because she made them and it’s just melancholic nostalgia and a little grief adding to the memories.

But I still wish I had those recipes.

This list of secret ingredients? Already I know I’ll have to order everything online except the Bragg’s. We live in a rural area (Amish country) and there’s stuff I just can’t get here. And I don’t really want to drive 30 miles or more to try and find it. Then get mad because I can’t.

Like when your first book came out. Smoked paprika? Never heard of it. Never saw it before. Had to order online. NOW the one (of two) grocery stores here carries it. We’re very lucky to have two grocery stores. Next closest ones are over twenty miles away.

The Lasagna Stew? I had everything but trumpet noodles and fennel seeds. The first store did not have any. I’d resigned myself to ordering fennel seed online, but bought Mafalda noodles. I took a chance and drove over to the second store. They had fennel seeds. No trumpet noodles. I looked at that as a Valentine’s Day miracle.

So I’m glad you wrote down your secret ingredients and how you use them. I’ve got the Bragg’s and the nooch. Guess I’ll try the other stuff.

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Updating: Ume plum vinegar makes an appearance in more than one recipe in the new book. If you acquired the vinegar as instructed, check out Hungry as Hell for places to use it!

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